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Meiji University Joins the SAF International University Network

   SAF is pleased to announce that Meiji University has joined the Foundation as the 14th member of the SAF International University Network in Japan.

Meiji University was founded in 1881 as the Meiji Law School by a group of young, thirtyish lawyers: Tatsuo Kishimoto, Kozo Miyagi, and Misao Yashiro.  Meiji University today is one of the country’s most prominent private universities with nine faculties:  Law, Commerce, Political Science and Economics, Arts and Letters, Science and Technology, Agriculture, Business Administration, Information and Communication and Global Japanese Studies. In 2013, Meiji will launch the School of Interdisciplinary Mathematical Science as its 10th School.

Meiji is a leader in the pursuit to globalize Japanese higher education. The university was selected for the Global 30 Project by the Japan Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT).  The Global 30 Project provides funding to participant universities to internationalize aspects of their curriculum to increase international student enrollments and to support the development of joint international research projects.  In addition, in 2012 Meiji’s School of Political Science and Economics was selected to participate in MEXT’s Promotion of Global Human Resource Development, commonly called Global 30 Plus.  Recipients of Global 30 Plus funding are expected to increase outbound student mobility, and Meiji University will receive approximately JPY 600 million in grants for this project over the next five years.


 The SAF Japan and SAF Headquarter Offices look forward to working with the University to develop strategies and programming opportunities that will meet the unique needs of the institution as well as fulfill the expectations of the Global 30 Plus Project.





Last Updated: 1/28/13