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SAF Professional Development Program: USA Host University Visit Program 2010 (5/2010)

Every year SAF sponsors a University Visit Program as part of its Professional Development Program (PDP) for our member universities in Asia which includes site visits to selected SAF host universities. This visit program is offered as part of our commitment to professional development in international education and the continued refinement of the SAF University Network.  

Participants from Mainland China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea will enjoy opportunities to discuss issues concerning undergraduate student mobility, transfer credit and related issues with their American international education colleagues.  The SAF PDP will take place May 26-30, 2010 in advance of the NAFSA National Conference in Kansas City. This year we will visit the University of Washington (ISAYA Institute), Colorado State University and the University of Colorado at Boulder.  We anticipate 30-35 international educators from our member universities in Asia to attend. Pervious University Visit Programs have focused on other regions of the USA, the UK and Ireland.

SAF President John Belcher speaks at the China Service Center for Scholarly Exchanges Chinese International Education Forum (3/2010)

On March 12, 2010 in Beijing SAF President, John Belcher, spoke with a panel of experts on international education at the Chinese International Education Forum. Prof. Belcher discussed internationalization developments across Asia including the impact of the SAF's multilateral mobility model in the region.  

Annual SAF Staff Meeting, Shanghai, China (1/2010)

Each year in January the SAF holds an annual staff meeting in Asia.  The 2010 meeting was held in Shanghai, January 15-18, 2010 with 18 SAF staff members in attendance.  We discussed progress made in 2009 as well as future develops including the expansion of program options in continental Europe, the development of internship programs and enhanced student services.  The highlight of the meeting was a traditional Chinese New Year celebration that allowed staff from all SAF offices to meet with representatives of our member universities in China and local dignitaries.

New SAF Host Universities (1/2010)

SAF is pleased announce that the following universities recently joined the SAF International University Network:

State University of New York, Buffalo (USA)
University College London (UK)
University of California Los Angeles (USA)
University of New South Wales (Australia)
University of Washington, ISAYA (USA)
Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)
University of Washington, ISAYA Institute


The Jackson School of International Studies and University of Washington's International and English Language Programs (IELP) have partnered to launch the International Studies Academic Year Abroad (ISAYA) Institute.  Through ISAYA, intermediate to advanced English language learners have an opportunity to enroll in regularly offered undergraduate courses of the Jackson School as well as English language courses offered by IELP that focus on two important global issues - Global Sustainability or International Economies.  This kind of concurrent enrollment program (i.e. part-time enrollment in regularly offered courses of the host university and part-time enrollment in advanced English language classes) is a study abroad model will be popular with SAF participants.

A True Liberal Arts Education (10/2009)

Three Chinese undergraduates document their positive experience attending small liberal arts colleges in the US in a new book released by Chinese Publishing Group, A True Liberal Arts Education. An article in Inside Higher Education provides interesting interviews with the authors and an introduction in Chinese. SAF is fortunate to cooperate with some of the most prestigious liberal arts colleges in the US including Middlebury College, Mount Holyoke College, and Smith College.

SAF Reception Held at the Residence of the British Ambassador to Korea (10/2009)

Mr. Martin Uden, British Ambassador to Korea, recently hosted a reception for the Study Abroad Foundation at his residence in Seoul. The event brought together recently returned SAF students, SAF staff members, as well as officials from SAF member universities in Korea.

Ambassador Uden, a laws graduate of Queen Mary – University of London, had the chance to meet former SAF students including Hyoyoung Kim from Queen Mary University and Hee Seung Lee from the University of Westminster.

Fall (Semester II) Programs off to a Smooth Start. Overall Good Growth. New Programs in China, France, Germany, Korea, Spain and Switzerland (9/2009)

Despite the worldwide economic downturn and the threat of swine flu, SAF student enrollment increased 62% from Fall 2008 to Fall 2009. This significant increase can be partially attributed to SAF’s new program with Rikkyo University’s Department of Intercultural Communications (CIC). Through the CIC-SAF agreement, Rikkyo students have the opportunity to study abroad at prestigious universities in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Spain, Australia, New Zealand, China and Korea. SAF developed programs in Europe and Asia at Rikkyo’s request and these programs are now available to any SAF participant. Please contact your SAF Country Office representative for additional information.

Overall SAF has experienced good growth notably in China and Japan. In Korea and Taiwan the economic downturn has had an impact, especially in Korea where the currency significantly fell in value in 2008/9.

SAF Headquarters (SAF HQ) in Indianapolis has increased its office size within the same building it shares with other non-profit organizations including IFSA-Butler.

SAF Office Opened in Beijing (9/2009)

SAF China has been working with SAF member universities in the Beijing area from the SAF China office in Shanghai. Beginning in September 2009 SAF China will also operate a Beijing office located in the International Exchange Center building of Beijing Normal University. The office is very central to the capital’s “university district” and therefore easily accessed by students from other SAF member universities nearby.

New SAF China Director Appointed (7/2009)

Daniel Shen has been appointed Director SAF China. Daniel is currently Assistant Dean at Beijing Jiao Tong University’s School of Software Engineering where is responsible for the School’s international affairs. Simultaneously he is Assistant Director at the Office of National Software Engineering Schools at the Ministry of Education, China. Previously Daniel held positions in business in Australia and is an Australian citizen. Daniel’s undergraduate degree is in telecommunications and from Beijing Information and Technology University. His Masters degree from the University of New South Wales, Australia is in computer science. Theresa Li, SAF China’s founding director will be moving on to take a new position at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.
Government-Sponsored Study Abroad Scholarship Program in Taiwan (5/2009)

SAF Taiwan has been working with recipients of a new Taiwan scholarship program designed to encourage study abroad. Some universities with a wide range of exchange partners are able to use scholarships in conjunction with their exchange programs, but many universities do not have well-developed networks of suitable partners and are working with SAF to provide these scholarships to students accepted on SAF programs. 400 merit scholarships valued at TWD 300,000 (approx USD 9,000) are available each year. Additional scholarships are availed for students from low income families and to encourage participation in study abroad internships.
Last Updated: 11/14/11