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Korea IAC Meeting January 2011 (1/2011)

The SAF Korean International Advisory Committee (IAC) met on the lovely campus of Sookmyung Women’s University on January 14, 2011.  Approximately 35 participants from 20 SAF IAC Korean Member Universities and two governmental organizations attended (Education Ireland and Embassy of New Zealand).

SAF President, John Belcher, and Director of SAF Korea, Henry Oh, provided an overview of SAF’s activities in Korea during 2010 and discussed SAF’s development plans for 2011.  Carol Carmody, SAF Vice President, introduced the SAF Internship Programs to be launched in 2011 in Boston, London, Seattle and Washington, DC. Jennifer Mullin Espinosa, SAF HQ Program Coordinator, provided statistics on SAF student performance and profiled three SAF participants from Korea as illustrations of how active and successful SAF participants have proven to be while abroad.

SAF was honored to have Hideko Sumita, Administrative Director of the Office of Organization for Global Initiatives at Keio University in Japan to present on the topic:  Japan’s Global 30 Program and Keio University’s Response.  Keio University is one of 13 universities in Japan selected to receive funds from the Japanese government to enhance globalization initiatives.  Ms. Sumita introduced the various ways in which the funding is being utilized by Keio and described some of the challenges the university has encountered along the way.  A second guest speaker, Omni Lee, from the Embassy of New Zealand in Korea highlighted the many reasons why Korean study abroad and why students should consider New Zealand. He noted New Zealand's first-rate research universities, good value relative to cost and quality, and unparalleled quality of life.

Kookmin University Joins SAF as the 26th University Member in Korea (8/2010)

On August 26th, Kookmin University joined SAF. The president of Kookmin University, Ph.D Sung Woo Lee, signed an MoU with SAF and became the 26th member university of SAF in Korea, marking the beginning of cooperation between Kookmin University and SAF.

Kookmin University is one of the top Korean universities in the field of design and in the field of cultural studies education. The College of Law, the School of Architecture, the School of Advanced Material Engineering, and the School of Electrical Engineering were listed as “outstanding schools” by the Korean government. It received the best university award from the Korean Council for University Education (KCUE) in 2007.

Recently, the university was certified by the Accreditation Board for Engineering Education in Korea (ABEEK)’ for its 4 intensive undergraduate programs in the field of engineering, College of Administration (Department of Business Administration), College of Business (Department of Business IT), and the education of business administration.

Kookmin University is one of the leading private universities in Korea. It consists of 23,000 students, 700 faculty and 300 staff members. The number of students is fifth largest among Korean universities. There are 13 colleges and 14 graduate schools at Kookmin University. While preserving traditional values that have yielded success, Kookmin University strives to educate women and men to be creative, open-minded and principled professionals who can serve not only the nation but the global community, too.

New SAF Member Universities in Korea

Korea University and the Catholic University of Korea recently signed on as the newest members of the SAF International University Network in Korea.  SAF is pleased to be working with both of these distinguished universities to place their students in their study abroad programs of choice in locations throughout the world. The signing-on of Korea University is particularly noteworthy as SAF is now working with all three "SKY" ( as in reach for the …”) universities in Korea, the most prestigious universities in the country (Seoul National University, Korea University and Yonsei University).

SAF Reception Held at the Residence of the British Ambassador to Korea

Mr. Martin Uden, British Ambassador to Korea, recently hosted a reception for the Study Abroad Foundation at his residence in Seoul. The event brought together recently returned SAF students, SAF staff members, as well as officials from SAF member universities in Korea.

Ambassador Uden, a laws graduate of Queen Mary – University of London, had the chance to meet former SAF students including Hyoyoung Kim who attended Queen Mary University through SAF and Hee Seung Lee who chose to attend the University of Westminster. 

Last Updated: 11/14/11