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Global 30: Internationalizing Higher Education in Japan (3/2010)

The Global 30 project was by Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) last April, Global 30 Project aims to enhance the "globalization" of Japanese universities through a system of grants that lay the foundation for dramatically increasing international student enrollments as well as the number of Japanese students studying abroad. The government has made a public commitment to reach its stated goals by 2020.

To date, MEXT has identified 13 Japanese universities as a part of the Global 30 including Keio University - an SAF member university as well as Nagoya University, Kyoto University, Osaka University, Sophia University, Meiji University, Doshisha University and Ritsumeikan University. Commenting on this initiative SAF President Prof. John Belcher said "To achieve the intended result this initiative will be very challenging for Japanese universities, which have much to offer international students. To be successful universities will have to play to their strengths, and make significant changes to the way they operate.

Japan's Nanzan University Joins the SAF International University Network (3/2010)

Nanzan University recently became the 9th Japanese University to join SAF. Founded in 1946 as a college of foreign languages, Nanzan University has grown into one of the most prestigious universities in the Tokai region. Yet, even with the addition of new faculties, departments and research centers, the basic purpose and thrust of Nanzan education has stayed the same - to provide an education rooted in Christian values across all fields of knowledge.  Undergraduate enrollment is presently limited to around 9,500 students, reflecting Nanzan's commitment to personalized education. Nanzan University has 7 facilities and 7 graduate schools. The promotion of SAF programs on the Nanzan campus will begin in April 2010.

Shinshuu University Becomes the First National Japanese University to Join SAF (7//2009)

Shinshuu National University has become the first national university in Japan to join SAF. In Mainland China, Taiwan and Korea SAF has in its membership many national universities, but in Japan national universities have been slow to participate in multilateral international student mobility programs and join organizations established to facilitate such mobility. Shinshuu National University, with eight departments on five campuses, was founded in 1949 and is located in Nagano Prefecture. In a message to SAF Dr. Akio Nomura, Trustee in Charge of International Relations said “Shinshuu National University believes in the importance of developing individuals who can work in a global society and fostering their training through interactions with other cultures, races, languages, religions, ideologies and overcoming these differences to gain mutual understanding.

Shinshuu has about 70 international partners, ranging from student exchange to research collaborations, and these have allowed students to gain invaluable international experience that will contribute to their future lives. However, even with our many partners, Shinshuu has not been able to provide students with the wide variety of study options necessary to fulfill their needs and wishes, and have been looking for a way to solve this problem. Shinshuu National University took the opportunity to join the multilateral SAF network and is pleased to be given the chance to offer a wider variety of programs and opportunities to Shinshuu students.

New SAF Agreement with Showa Women's University, Japan (6/2009)

Prof. Marko Bando, President of Showa Women's University, emphasized the university's commitment to international education by signing an agreement to join SAF on June 24, 2009. The university launched a new International Department in April 2009, and as a part of the curriculum all 80 students are required to study at the Showa University Boston campus or at Showa’s partners in China or Korea during their 2nd year.  In order to offer a wider variety of opportunities to students, SAF in partnership with the International Department, developed and launched a new program, “Boston + ONE”.  Through the Boston + ONE program, Showa students who study at the Showa Boston campus for a semester are able to extend their study abroad experience for an additional semester or academic year through SAF study options in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany and Spain.  With the introduction of this new study abroad program, Showa Women's University concurrently developed a new scholarship system specifically for those students who participate in the Boston + ONE program.

Okinawa International University (OKIU) and SAF Japan Works with Students via Teleconferencing (6/2009)

To implement a new “Officially Approved” Study Abroad Program and Scholarship System within the university OKIU decided to join the SAF International University Network. Previously OKIU students who studied outside of the exchange system needed to take a year off and were not able to transfer credit, and therefore were not able to graduate in four years. OKIU has developed an approval and scholarship system for all OKIU students who are accepted into overseas study programs. One slight problem for SAF is that OKIU is in the Ryukyu Islands and some 1600 kilometers (995 miles) from the SAF Japan Office in Tokyo. It is in fact closer to the SAF office in Taiwan. OKIU’s International Center and SAF decided to overcome this problem by using Skype teleconferencing for student counseling. Counseling sessions for students are held once a week with students using a designated computer in the OKIU International Center. Each counseling session is approximately 45 minutes. SAF staff visit OKIU twice a year to meet with students and to hold student seminars and orientations. 

Last Updated: 11/14/11