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SAF is pleased to introduce five new academic internship programs in London, Edinburgh, Boston and Seattle to be added to our current option with the Washington Semester Program in Washington D.C.:

  • SAF-Amity Teaching and Cultural Ambassador Internship, USA (Semester)
  • SAF-FIE Internships in London, England, UK (semester and quarter)
  • SAF-EUSA Summer Internships in Business, Boston, Massachusetts, USA (6 weeks)
  • University of Edinburgh, Parliamentary Internship Program, Scotland, UK (Semester)
  • University of Washington, Business Internship Program, Seattle, Washington, USA (academic year)
  • Washington Semester Program, American University, Washington, D.C., USA (semester or academic year)

In today’s competitive global economy, internships are becoming increasingly popular as university students and recent graduates seek to distinguish themselves to prospective employers. In keeping with this trend, SAF member universities and their students have expressed a growing interest in internship opportunities. 

SAF Academic Internships are designed to provide participants with a competitive edge in the global economy through actual hands-on work experience that helps to bridge the gap between theory and the real world of work.  Most SAF internships combine classroom study with a planned supervised work experience.  Students can in most instances expect to receive transfer credit for the internship but they will not be paid.  

The most comprehensive information about SAF’s Academic Internship offerings can be found on our Country Office’s websites.



Last Updated: 7/31/12