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SAF Korea 참가학생

Student Name: 어고은
Home University: 국민대학교
Host University: University of Montana 
Period of Study: 2011 Fall Semester

1.Why did you decide to study abroad at your host university?

I didn’t want to go to big city. I wanted to feel nature.

2.Please describe your academic experiences at your host university. How does the style of education differ from what you are used to at home?

I used to listen to only lecture in my country, so I had difficulty discussing with other students.

3.Describe your social life at your host university – what do you do for fun? Are you meeting local students?

There were many events for international students in the university. I joined two programs among of them. One of two things is to communicate with an American friend. I could experience much American culture as I hung out with the friend several times. The other one is to do activity with American family. For example, I visited their house and the family took me farmland there.

4.Please tell future students one thing you think they should know as they prepare to study abroad.

I think they should be open-minded. It is very important thing to achieve successful studying abroad. If you hang out with many foreign friends, you can improve your English skill as well as make many friends.

Enrolling in classes

You can receive advice for your courses from advisers. The advisers could be different from your majors respectively. You can also talk with your professors to determine your courses related to your major.


Your lessons would be mainly progressing by discussion. It could be difficult for international students, but it must be helpful for them.


I lived with one American student in dormitory. I stayed in Craig hall. This dorm is the biggest dormitory in there, but there is no kitchen. There are many events such as free food and movie night, so you can enjoy many things with other students who live in the same dorm.


School life

As I said, you can join many events for international students. For example, you can communicate with American friends and American family through programs. There are also many field activities such as rafting, hiking and sightseeing (Glacier national park and Yellowstone). You can go to “international house” and hang out with many foreign friends. You can also watch the game because there are many sports game in the university. In particular, you can watch football game for free.

Though exams are different along classes, you would take more than two big exams like mid-term and final.There are many assignments every class.
If you have “all meal plan”, you can buy food in many stores in the university by using your meal plan. For example, you can drink smoothie and coffee as well as eat buffet.


Weather and circumstance

Missoula is usually very cold. You can see snow in the beginning of November. In addition to this, it is quite dry. You should prepare body lotion. There are few stores in downtown because Missoula is countryside. You can take buses for free, but you cannot take buses on weekend.


Textbook is usually expensive, but it depends on your major. It could be from 30 dollars to more than 100 dollars. You can buy it in bookstore in the university.

Last Updated: 3/4/15